Reformer Classes

In our Reformer Pilates classes we work on reformer machines, a large piece of bed-like equipment invented by Joseph Pilates during the 1920s.  The reformer features a platform or carriage, which is attached to springs that can be adjusted in tension to provide assistance or resistance. There is also a footbar and long straps with handles into which feet or hands can be placed.

The adjustable springs allow the reformer workout to be modified for different skill levels and body types, making it ideal for anyone looking for a low-impact, adaptable form of exercise that will improve core strength, stability and postural alignment, whilst increasing flexibility and building muscular strength and endurance.

Reformer Pilates is similar yet different to mat Pilates – all the work stems from the core but reformer work is generally more intense and more dynamic than mat work due to the added resistance of the springs. Reformer workouts are great fun and, whilst it helps to have done some mat work classes before starting reformer classes, this is not essential.

There is a maximum of 7 people in each of our reformer classes at the studio, allowing for a truly personal form of tuition with individual correction for everybody.