Health and hygiene has always been a key priority for us, and even more so during these Covid times.

We follow the Government’s guidelines and are also continuing to work to comply with the regulations set out by UK Active.

We always strive to keep the Heatons Studio clean – the floor is cleaned at the end of each am, pm or evening session and high frequency touch points (toilet seats, taps, door handles, light switches, window catches etc) are also cleaned regularly.

Here’s a summary of what to expect.

  • Spaces will be marked out on the floor
  • You will need to bring your own (pre-cleaned) mat and head cushion to class
  • There is currently limited hands-on correction by instructors
  • Masks are not mandatory but you are welcome to wear one if you’d like to
  • Please adhere to sensible social distancing in reception and the stairwell
  • You should use hand sanitiser before entering and on leaving the studio
  • Please only use the toilet if absolutely necessary – go before you leave home
  • Please arrive at the studio no sooner than 5 minutes before class starts
  • If you arrive early, please wait outside the main entrance door or in your car
  • Please leave the studio promptly after your class has finished
  • Bring as few possessions as possible with you to class
  • Coats and shoes should be left in reception, feel free to put yours in a bag if you’d prefer
  • Avoid using your mobile phone whilst at the studio
  • Please stay out of the kitchen, bring your filled water bottle with you
  • Any water bottles left behind after class will be disposed of
  • Please don’t leave tissues lying around, dispose of them in one of the bins
  • We have hand sanitiser available in the studio, but feel free to bring your own small bottle
  • Windows may be open to ensure adequate air flow, so consider bringing a long-sleeved top

In spite of all the above, we still want you to have fun, relax and enjoy your class and time at the studio! 

It goes without saying – if you feel at all unwell, please stay home and don’t come to class until you are fully recovered.

Thanks for your help in helping to keep us all safe and well 🙂