Mat Classes

There are many different styles of mat Pilates.  Belinda is trained in Modern Pilates, which has a unique contemporary clinical approach that was created in consultation with leading Pilates specialists and physiotherapists.

Modern Pilates looks at functional stability, postural alignment, core stability and modifications of the original works of Joseph Pilates, ensuring that exercises can be safely adapted to suit everybody’s needs. Each class includes a standing preparation phase where we focus on functional movement and balance, before transferring to the mat where we work on breathing, together with stability, mobility and flexibility Рall of which stems from the core.

We offer a range of classes for people of all ages and abilities and we will help you to choose the class level that is appropriate for you. Our class sizes allow for a more personal form of tuition, with teaching delivered through a combination of practical demonstrations, verbal cues and ‘hands-on’ correction.

You will need to bring your own mat to class and you should wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.

JustBe Pilates - Belinda